An evangelical and presbyterian church

We are members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). Often, whenever there are news reports about the Presbyterian Church, you will see something like "Presbyterians voted today to....," and they almost always mean the mainline Presbyterian Church (USA), making no other distinction. The EPC was formed in 1981 with the purpose of preserving historic Christian beliefs in the face of the growing political and theological liberalism in the so-called "mainline" Presbyterian Church (USA). The EPC is a theologically conservative denomination consisting of more than 150,000 members comprising over 550 churches, chaplains and missionaries throughout the world.

our doctrinal standard: The westminster confession of faith

The Bible is God's inerrant and infallible Word. It alone is our authority for all of faith and life. In the history of the Christian Church there have been several summaries, called creeds and/or confessions, of what the Bible teaches as distinctive and essential Christian Beliefs. In the Evangelical Presbyterian Church we adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith. Developed in the mid 17th century, through rigorous and deep theological study, its purpose was to be a statement of faith that united the Christian Churches in Western Europe and the New England colonies. Please follow the link above for access to these standards.

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