grace chapel missions

Listed below are the groups supported through Grace Chapel Missions.

Our mission partners maintain contact throughout the year with our mission committee, which meets on the first Monday of each month.  We take very seriously our charge to be faithful stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

  • The Center for Violence Prevention has a twenty-four hour crisis and referral line to assist in immediate needs. Trained personnel will provide a wide range of references and resources.

    The Center for Violence Prevention serves Claiborne, Copiah, Hinds, Issaquena, Madison, Rankin, Sharkey, Simpson, Warren and Yazoo Counties.

  • The Hope House of Hospitality is committed to serving God and the needs of Mississippi's seriously ill outpatients traveling to Jackson for cancer treatments.


    Stewpot Community Services provides thousands of men, women and children with hot meals, groceries, clothing, shelter, childcare, mentoring and other programs to nurture them and help them get back on their feet. We believe the sacred is encountered in the common events in like, like sharing a meal. We are all fed, spiritually and physically, by our fellowship with each other.

  • MadCAAP partners with individuals, churches, businesses and civic groups to meet the varying needs of our brothers and sisters who are hungry and thirsty, in need of clothing and safer homes, as well as those who are lonely and in need of emotional support. 


    Equipping churches and leaders in remote villages to bring about holistic, sustainable change for God's glory.


    There are people living in difficult to reach villages that are unable to meet their most basic needs for reasons beyond their control.


    Equipping them to conquer their unique challenges empowers them to both meet their needs as well as thrive in all areas of life.

  • Wingard Home is a long term transition home for the homeless and displaced of Jackson, Mississippi, and the surrounding area. We are dedicated to keeping the family unit intact. Unlike the “shelters,” Wingard Home takes a holistic approach to solve the problems of homelessness! At the Jackson Campus, we house married couples and parents with children together as part of our commitment to the family values that are so much a part of American life. Our mission is to get men, women, children and families off the streets, out of the government welfare trap, and working toward independence and financial stability. We offer our residents alternatives to gang life and the drug culture, and provide options to dependence on food stamps and government bail-out programs.

  • chris and debbie gibson

    Over a decade ago Chris Gibson left his pastorate in the States when he and his wife, Debbie, felt the Lord calling them to use Chris’s counseling skills to help missionaries stay healthy, effective and on the field. Based in Budapest, Hungary, they have been Member Care Providers through EPC/ World Outreach. Chris has provided biblical counseling, mental health services, and pastoral care to missionaries and their families. Debbie has assisted him through her gifts of hospitality, administration, and intercessory prayer. They meet with missionaries in the Middle East, the “Stans” of Central Asia, and the Far East, in order to provide the best possible member care for those proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Prayer Requests

    • Pray for wisdom for the Gibsons as they bring comfort, healing, and encouragement to missionaries.
    • Pray for strength and safety as Chris and Debbie travel to difficult areas to care for missionaries and their families.
    • Pray for their own emotional needs to be met as they help those dealing with transition and loss as part of their life and ministry.

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  • Werner and Lisa Schobesberger

    The Schobesbergers lead an International Teams ministry to refugees in Linz, Austria. At the House of Hope, they provide pastoral care and spiritual encouragement; distribute Bibles and other Christian literature; and train disciples. They meet practical needs through German classes, furniture & clothing distribution, translation, creative & recreational activities, after-school help and other assistance.

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